Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries


November 2022

1st         Sis. Carolyn Toler (9 years of svc)

              Bro. Gary Ford (50 years of svc)

3rd          Camilla Singleton (9 years of svc)

4th          J’La Wilson

7th          Dr. LaToia (Marks) Denson  (34years of svc)

10th             Brother Earnest Buggs (29 years of svc)

10th        The 245th Anniversary of our U.S. Marines

                              Our Congratulations to

             Pastor James Glynn & Brother Andris Russaw

11th        Sister Kamell Martin (34 years of svc) 

12th        Sister Gwendolyn Hoston  (46 years of svc)

14th        Sister Morgan Harris (18 years of svc)

15th        Sister Monica Mitchell (45 years of svc)

              Sister Patricia Wiley (46 years of svc)

              Dakota Parrish

16th        Brother Anthony Madison (45 years of svc)

              Malik “Tigger” Livingston

20th      Sister LaBarne McGaffie (47 years of svc)

22nd       Candance Russaw

29th        Sister Ashton Jackson (7 years of svc)

              Brother David Ringo (4 years of svc)

WHAT A Blessing to ALL the above and may God grant you many, many, many more!!
(#) – Years of Membership
The command: “What God has joined together, let no man separate”.
Matthew 19: 4-6.
Happy 5th
Wedding Wishes to
Bro. Christopher and Sis.  Kamell Martin
November 5, 2017
Happy 36th
Wedding Wishes to
Dec. Steven and Sis. Phyllis Scott
November 7, 1986

Happy 4th
Wedding Wishes to
Bro. Damian and Sis. Chelsea Berotte 
November 10, 2018

Happy 30th

Wedding Wishes to

Dec. Jerome and Sis. Gilda Jackson
November 14, 1992

Happy 11th

Wedding Wishes to

Bro. Trey and Sis. LaKya Williams

November 20, 2011


Happy 21st

Wedding Wishes to

Dec. Marvin and Sis. Deborah Kyle

December 1, 2001


“May God grant all these couples many more years of wedded bliss”!!