November  2021
Humane Awareness Month 
The month of NOVEMBER IS HUMANE AWARENESS MONTH. Please see the attachment for all services and activities. Please do your best as we will be a blessing to others. Also, Pastor Glynn, Pastor Asberry and Members the Music Ministry are grateful to God, our members and friends for the tremendous Spiritual support you gave during the first through the fourth Sundays in October.. God really blessed our services. To every participant on the program and for the powerful preaching of Pastor Donald Burg, we say “Thank You” and what a blessing you were. Let’s look ahead to our Humane Awareness Month. Sister Dyanne Marks, Sister Sadie Burrell, Deacon Melvin Marshall and Deacon Ralph Viverette are the Presidents and Reverend Eric Wright is the Minister of Music and Brother Andriss Russaw is the Assistant


Sunday, November 7 

– Highlighting Lord’s Supper

Sunday, November 13 

– Prayer Purpose and Faith Walk
  8:00 a.m.
  Park behind McGowen Elementary

Sunday, November 14 

– Morning Worship
– Highlighting “Making Strategic Decisions in The Context of COVID-19
  Speaker, Dr. LaToia Marks-Denson

Sunday, November 21 

– Highlighting “Mental Health & Wellness (Depression & Anxiety)
   Speaker, Sis. Angela Glynn

Sunday, November 28 

– Highlighting “Coping with Grief”
  Speaker, Sis. Gilda Jackson