November/December 2019

Humane Awareness Months
November 2019

Sunday, November 3rd

“This do in Remembrance of Me” – Lord’s Supper
Subject Topic:  “Dealing with Financial Stress”   – Part 1 – Dec. Danny Wynne

Wednesday, November 6th

Subject Topic:  “Dealing with Financial Stress”   – Part 2 – Dec. Danny Wynne

Sunday, November 10th

Subject Topic:  “Mental Health & Wellness in the Church”   – Part 1 – Sis. Angela Glynn

Wednesday, November 13th

Subject Topic:  “Mental Health & Wellness in the Church”   – Part 2 – Sis. Angela Glynn

Sunday, November 17th

Subject Topic:  “The Silent Stress of a Caregiver”   – Part 1 – Sis. Sharon Wright

Wednesday, November 20th

Subject Topic:  “The Silent Stress of a Caregiver”   – Part 2 – Sis. Sharon Wright



This morning we are observing the Annual Day of our Food Bank Ministry. We are asking each member to please give a “Free-Will Offering” for this month and let us all give this ministry our support. For the month of December, the Shut-in Visitation Team will take a plant and a donation to those members.  As a church family we are asking the membership to give gift cards from a food store that will be given to those in need for Christmas.  We also want to reach out to the homeless and give blankets. You may begin bringing your blanks on Sunday December 1st and they will be given out on Sunday December 22nd. You are welcome to help with the distribution.    Sister Barbara Jones and Sister Alecia Glenn are the Chairladies.

Saturday, November 16th

Annual Walk of Colors
Alzheimer’s (Purple)
Captains:  Rev. Kerry & Sis. Janeetra Asberry, Dec. Steve & Sis. Deborah Gordon
   Dec. Danny & Sis. Gloria Wynne and Sis. Deborah Kyle
Cancer (Lavender)
Captains:  Sis. Shirley Thomas, Sis. LaToia Denson, Sis. LaKya Williams, 
   Sis. Shirley Trahan, Sis. Patricia Milton and Sis. Kendra Griffith
Autism (Blue)
Captains:  Bro. Gaye Lord & Sis. Annette Gill, Sis. Patricia Willie, Bro. Quintin Scott
   Bro. Aaron Gatlin 
Heart Disease (Red)
Captains:  Bro. Kennedy & Sis. Carolyn Bonilla, Sis. Litchie Brown, Sis. Joycelyn Burrell
   Sis. Demetrice Burrell 
Diabetes (Grey)
Captains:  Bro. Anthony Madison & Sis. Kammi Madison, Sis. Karen Davis, 
   Sis. Sharon Wright and Sis. Sharon Lambert
December 2019
Subject Topic:  “Taking Care of God’s Body — The Temple of Holy Spirit”

Sunday, December 1st

Shut-In Visitation

Sunday, December 22nd

Deadline for Blankets for the Homeless Project