November & December 2022
Humane Awareness Months

Saint Mark is truly a generational church this year we want to celebrate each generation. Our goal is to share important, relevant information and tips for the targeted age group. Each speaker will have fifteen minutes and they will give practical and specific information appropriate to the age group. 

Sunday, November 6th

We will highlight our Seniors – 60 and up

(Topic: Advance Care Planning: Medical & Financial)


  • WHAT IS IT? involves deciding in advance healthcare, financial, and personal decisions should you become incapacitated or pass away.  Advance planning allows you to get your affairs in order and how they want to spend their last days.
  • Speaker – Attorney Thelma Harman


Every Sunday evening allow the Young Adults & Youth to be in charge on the prayer line.

Topic: Know Christ – Find Hope & Purpose (CONNECTing GOD’S WORD WITH OUR EVERYDAY LIVES)

  • November 6th speaker – Sis. Jackie McGaskey
  • November 13th speaker – Bro. Marcus Glenn  
  • November 21st speaker – Sis. Jessica Jackson
  • November 28th speaker – Sis. Tiffani Slaughter


 Saturday, November 12th

  • Prayer, Purpose & Faith Walk – Our walk will consist of the following groups, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Autism. We will not have captains this year just come and represent the group of your choice. We encourage you to invite family, church family and friends. We are asking each participant to make a contribution of your choice.
    Location: Hutcheson Park 5400 Lockwood Drive
    Time:  8:00A.M to 11:00 A.M

 Sunday, November 13th

 We will highlight our Middle Age (ages 41 to 59)  

  • Topic: Live a healthy lifestyle (at the end of the day your body and your mind, are critically and permanently interconnected.) 
  • Speaker: Pastor or Danny Wynne


Saturday, November 19th – We will sponsor a CPR class

  • We encourage you to please sign up to attend this class. A sign up sheet will be in the vestibule.


Sunday, November 20th
We will highlight our Children & Youth (ages Toddlers to 18)
  • Topic: Self Care (How much time do you spend on line “Social Media”)
    How much is too much. How to limit your time on social media!
     “Getting online with God”    
  • Speaker: Sis. Sandra Popillion 


Sunday, November 27th

We will highlight our Young Adults (ages 19 to 40)

Topic: What is your path forward? You decide?

  • Balance life/ having a clear sense of your priorities
  • Speaker: Shemyia Clemons



We will focus on our shut -In members and our seniors (65 and up)

We also want to reach out to the homeless (we will ask a representative from

each neighborhood to assist us in sharing with the homeless on the street and corners near them.)