Prayer for October 2022


Heavenly Father:


We come before You today, understanding our need for Your grace and goodness. First, we ask for Your loving forgiveness and cleansing. We know, without a doubt, that we could have been – no, Father – should have been more dependent on You for Your strength and support. And, having confessed that, how long will it take us to learn to rely entirely on You for all that we need. We are so tempted, Father, to depend on our understanding and insight, wisdom, and knowledge that we neglect to turn to You and Your eternal Word for guidance and direction.


Yet, that’s what we need – today and every day – Your Word filling our minds, flowing to our hearts, and flourishing in our lives. When this happens, Father, we will see Your Kingdom working and growing and thriving in this weary, war-torn, troubled, and tired world. In You, we find all that we need for today, tomorrow, and eternity. Help us to understand, accept, and apply Your way and Your truth in our lives and live victoriously for You and those for whom Your Son lived and died. 


It’s so easy, Father, to become weary in well-doing that we often give in and then give up without calling on You for help. We neglect to take You at Your Word when You say, “I will never leave You nor forsake You,” or, “Indeed, I am with You until the end of time!” What precious promises from our Lord whose record of faithfulness has stood the test of time. Everything You ever promised has been completed, or, we know from history, that it one day will be. 


Please, Father, increase our faith and help us to grow our trust in You. Though we have abandoned You time and again, denied honoring You more times than we can recall, neglected to turn to You when we needed You the most, left undone the things we should have done and did things that were wrong and ugly, we ask, again this day for Your forgiveness. May we go forth in Your Name, claiming all that we have in You, with You, and through You to be all that we can be through Christ our Lord, in whose Name we pray. AMEN!