March 6, 2020
by Julie Hout Brown
Upper Room Devotionals
People who work in higher education frequently work on “bridge” programs.  These programs may bridge the gap between high school and college or help students build a bridge between their current academic level and a higher one.  
While preparing for a summer bridge program, I considered that God has created us all to bridge some gap, somewhere.  We may be able to share resources God has given us that will allow another person to have food to eat or clothes to wear.  We may be able to offer a bridge of hope to  our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated.  We might be able to build a bridge of understanding between two people with opposing points of view.
The most import bridge is when we are called to use whatever gifts God has given us to bring our brothers and sisters to Christ.  The Good News is meant to be shared.  When we make ourselves available to our Master Builder and share our struggles with one another, we can build a bridge of possibility for ourselves and others.
Daily Prayer
O Lord, help us to see and reach out to others today.  Thank you for giving us the tools to help them.